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How to Find Replacement Parts for Your Supermarket Refrigeration Case

The refrigeration cases you have in your supermarket to display cooled goods are always a valuable implement. In your bakery department, these cooling cases can preserve cakes and pastries portraying their perfectly delectable appearance throughout the duration of display. When you need supermarket refrigeration case parts, you probably want to ensure you are getting the highest quality. 

1. Obtain original parts made by the manufacturer when possible. 

Look at the refrigerated bakery case your supermarket has in place and determine who manufactured the case. When at all possible, try to find replacement parts that are made by the original manufacturer. While there are some really good aftermarket parts suppliers, opting for a brand name part can help you ensure you will get a replacement piece that is more likely to fit what you have. 

2. Make sure the supermarket refrigeration case parts come along with a warranty. 

Seeing a designated warranty on supermarket refrigerated case parts means a few things: 

  • The manufacturer of that part is confident in their part 
  • The part has likely been tested for quality 
  • The case part is likely going to last for the length of the warranty at the lease

When you do see parts that give you a warranty, these parts can be a more logical investment. This promise from the manufacturer regarding how long the product will work can oftentimes mean you are getting a high-quality product. 

3. Examine the materials the parts are fabricated from to ensure quality. 

Take a close look at the descriptions of the parts when you purchase refrigeration case parts online. You will want to know what materials the part is made out of and how that could affect quality. For example, a replacement case shelf made from solid aluminum is going to yield a shelf that will not corrode or rust, be resistant to staining, and be easy to maintain over the long term.

4. Opt for refrigeration case parts with installation instructions. 

Installation instructions will give you an overview of the precisely correct way to install your new part. While some simple parts are usually no big deal to install without guidance, some of the more intricate supermarket refrigeration parts like fan motors and thermostat modules can be a bit more complicated. High-quality parts are going to give you the part and the guidance that you need in order for the part to be properly used.