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Making Appliance Decisions for My Kitchen

After thinking about what kind of kitchen I wanted in my home, I realized that there had to be a better way to make my place better. I knew that the appliances were old and outdated, so I started going through and looking for various tools that would work. I was able to find a really phenomenal deal on appliances that melded perfectly with my budget, and so I popped on the purchase. When they were installed I was thrilled to see how well they did, and it was fun to know that I had made the right choice. Read more on this website to find out about appliances.


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3 Tips To Keep Your New Washing Machine Working Like New

Investing in a new washing machine can be as exciting as buying a new car – this is especially true if you've been struggling to keep your old washing machine working the past few months. Here, you'll find a few tips to help protect the condition of your new washing machine and keep it running efficiently for years with as few issues as possible.

Double-Check the Level

When the new washing machine is installed, one of the most important steps in the installation is making sure that the washing machine is completely level. If you were to run a washing machine that isn't balanced properly, it will fail much sooner, and you will spend more time adjusting the clothing in the washing machine to get the spin cycle to finish than you'd like.

If the washing machine isn't level, use the adjustable feet to correct it. Just be sure to double-check that it is still level every few months or when you notice that it is going off-balance often.

Install an In-line Water Filter

The water flowing into the washing machine shouldn't be full of debris. If you have hard water, you probably have a water softener. Sometimes, that water softener isn't enough to prevent the water inlet valve in the washing machine from clogging. Instead of crossing your fingers that you won't have to rip the washing machine apart to replace the water inlet valve when it clogs, you can install an in-line water filter right at the water connection. Then, if the washing machine doesn't seem to be getting water, all you'll have to do is shut off the water, remove the in-line filter and either clean it out or replace it.

Use the Washing Machine Cleaning Solutions

Washing machine cleaning solutions aren't a money-making scheme that manufacturers have come up with. If you run the cleaning solution through your washing machine every so often, it will keep the washing machine smelling better and working better than if you just ran an empty cycle with bleach.

How often the cleaning solution needs to be run through the machine will depend on how much you use the machine. Use the guidelines on the product to get the best results.

Talk with the appliance sales professional working with you to find the best washing machine for your needs. He or she will be able to provide you with any information that you may need now and months after you've been using the machine.