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How A Home Water Softener Makes Your Shower Easier To Clean And Your Laundry Softer

If you're tired of scale buildup that causes you to work hard cleaning your shower, or if your laundry is often stiff or scratchy when you dry it on a clothesline, it may be time to buy a water softener for your home. You can have hard water whether you have well water or city water. The degree of hardness depends on the geography of where you live and the minerals that leach into your water supply. A water softener is a simple appliance that solves the issue of hard minerals in your home's water so you can enjoy softer laundry and less scale buildup. Here's how a softener tackles these two problems.

A Water Softener Eliminates Mineral Deposits

Keeping the shower door and tiles sparkly clean is challenging when you have hard water. Every time you shower, a film of water is left behind on the tiles and glass door. When the water dries, mineral deposits are left behind that accumulate until you scrub them off. The deposits affect the appearance of tile by making it look dull, dirty, and chalky. The faucet will have water spots, and the shower head can clog up due to the collection of minerals. If you tend to let housework like scrubbing the shower go until you just have to do it, then you'll have to use special cleaners or scrub the walls to get rid of the scale.

When you have a water softener installed, this problem is completely eliminated since there will be no minerals in the water that are left behind after you shower. This also benefits your washing machine, coffee pot, and other appliances that use water. A water softener even protects your plumbing pipes from scale buildup that could lead to clogging problems as the years go on.

Soft Water Helps Laundry Products Work Better

One reason hard water is tough on your laundry is that soap doesn't make suds as easily when the water has too many minerals. This keeps laundry detergent from being as effective as it could be. You may notice your clothes look dingy even after you wash them. Plus, mineral deposits on the clothes can make them look dull or dirty when compared to clothing washed in soft water. One of the biggest problems with laundry washed in hard water is that the mineral deposits make the clothing stiff and scratchy. If you like to dry your towels on the clothesline for that fresh smell, your towels may be scratchy rather than soft and fluffy when they're dry.

A water softener helps laundry products work better so that your clothes are cleaner and fluffier. Plus, this action benefits you in other ways. Your dish soap is more effective, and you'll find shower soap and shampoo is more luxurious when mixed with soft water too.

By having a home water softener installed, you can eliminate many annoying problems caused by hard water. Not only that, you can protect your pipes and appliances from damage by keeping scale from forming. For more information, contact a company like Hague  Quality Water of Kansas City Inc.